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Integradora's or are primarily Parents and Self-Advocates who are trained and empowered in an outreach program that is designed to walk step in step with you through an integrated process of the system. Goal is to eventually implement this outreach community model state wide. By meeting people “where they are at”. We will help identify and address multiple disparity barriers and integrate within the Regional Center system for solution. Integradora will help walk individuals through the process until the cycle is complete.




I am an ICC Integradora, I will make a difference, I am an Integradora, I will strive To treat each person with respect, patience, empathy and dignity, To see each individual situation as unique, validate each individuals concerns and help find a resolution as best and as quickly as possible. I am an Integradora, I will try my best to respond to emails and voice mails on a timely manner, work to unite our community and work towards collaboration. I am an Integradora, I will strive to not be adversarial or confrontational. Not spread gossip or rumors, I commit to represent my honest efforts to the best of my abilities and as ethically as possible, To respect differences of opinions and diversity in cultures, I am an Integradora and commit to use my life experience and extensive training to help those in need. Be on time, be reliable and engage, conduct myself as professional as possible, yet embrace individuals where they are at. I am an Integradora, I will be honest and sensitive, be kind and listen not only with my ears, but with my heart. I will think out of the box and be creative. speak my mind but always take other peoples feelings into consideration. Contribute as best possible. Help make our community a better place. I am an ICC Integradora

Call with an Integradora

Conference call with an Integradoras

If you would like to speak with one of our Integrators for help in navigating the Regional Center system and services they provide please fill out the form. All calls and our services are always free.


Interested in Becoming an INTEGRADORA?

If you are interested in hearing on how you can join our effort and become an INTEGRADORA (INTEGRATOR) then please contact us. We would love to speak with you as we are looking to grow the ICC presence statewide.. Together and united we will make a difference.

Become a Integrator
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